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A Legend Lives


Ladies and Gentleman we know it has been a little while since you heard from us directly for which we can only offer our most sincere and deep apologies.

The excitement of the re-opening of The Shadow Lounge was really quite something and we may have got a little caught up, but did you hear who came? Boy George spun for her with the greatest of spectacle as everyone danced the night away. We promised faithfully to keep the secrets of the night, which we will of course do, but needless to say it was truly a night to remember.

Now that we have recovered somewhat we thought we’d better check in and make sure you have all had a chance to come and visit her now that she is back and better than ever. If you haven’t been we have quite a collection of fabulosity to keep you entertained during the summer so don’t forget to take a peek at her programme and come down as the mood suits you. Thursday nights are not to be missed if you like to throw mad shapes to a little disco or if you want to get ‘Wicked and Wonderful’ Saturdays in the shadows will see you right.

Whatever you did for Pride be sure to carry the festivities forward with our supremo VIP booths that can be reserved or be the coolest cat on the blog and let us host your work or private party. Enjoy the sound system, light show and eclectic mix of cocktails on offer. After all, there isn’t any party like a Shadow Lounge party.

A serious highlight for the summer is definitely the ever-fabulous Queen of the night, Jodie Harsh, who will be taking over The Shadow Lounge every Wednesday for an evening of UltraViolet, the launch on Wednesday 23rd July. With a few names you may have heard of, Jonathan Bestley, Daniel Lismore and Imma Mess. Moving her iconic story along from where her party Circus left off all those years ago this is a kaleidoscope of glamour, self-expression and revelry like London has never seen before. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the ultimate performer at her finest, this is going to be a show to remember.

If we haven’t seen you yet we can’t wait to and if we have, we promise we won’t tell.

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